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Cybersecurity is About Teamwork, Not Individuals says Security Boulevard

In an article from 2019 which examines the difference between human error and poor cybersecurity culture, Security Boulevard shares tips on how to change cybersecurity culture.

Now available for presale on Amazon, Can. Trust. Will.: Hiring for the Human Element in the New Age of Cybersecurity is packed with insights into solving the cybersecurity hiring crisis including Chapter Six: The Interview, and Chapter Seven: Onboarding Cybersecurity Hires. After the behavioral interview, which is detailed in Chapter Six, we move to Chapter Seven which is a deep dive into the teambuilding process; it’s where the whole Can. Trust. Will.® System begins to come together. This book also includes insightful commentary from CIOs, CISOs, Talent Recruiters, Cybersecurity Professional Service Providers, Consultants, Private Sector Attorneys, Academics and U.S. Government Officials.

Today’s highlight is the contribution from Nick Davis, Systems Security Director at UW Health. Nick’s contribution to Can. Trust. Will.: Hiring for the Human Element in the New Age of Cybersecurity centers around how to interview for behavioral characteristics and the impact of behavior on cybersecurity team performance.

One of the things Nick told us was: “When I interview people, I look at their outlook on things. You don't want people that are just people pleasers. You want people who can remain calm and polite, but people that don't move easily from their convictions. You really need people who love the subject area who care about themselves, because you can't be sitting around babysitting people in information security. You have to be comfortable with uncertainty.” We agree!

Here’s a bit more about the Can. Trust. Will.® System.

Building a successful cybersecurity team is no longer optional. Cyberthreats evolve at a staggering pace, and effective cybersecurity operations depend on successful teams. Unfortunately, statistics continue to illustrate that employers are not finding the people they need. The Can. Trust. Will.® System guides the C-Suite, HR professionals and talent acquisition to build unbeatable cybersecurity teams through advanced hiring processes and focused on-boarding programs. Additionally, this book details how successful cybersecurity ecosystems are best built and sustained, with expert analysis from high- level government officials, Fortune 500 CSOs and CISOs, risk managers, and even a few techies. Those already in the field (and newbies) will glean invaluable knowledge about how to find their most effective position within a cybersecurity ecosystem. In a tech-driven environment, cybersecurity is fundamentally a human problem: and the first step is to hire for the human element.

Don’t miss out on Can. Trust. Will. Hiring for the Human Element in the New Age of Cybersecurity. Pre-order on Amazon today!

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