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Can. Trust. Will.® System supports Microsoft hiring strategy

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Now available for presale on Amazon, Can. Trust. Will.: Hiring for the Human Element in the New Age of Cybersecurity is packed with insights into solving the cybersecurity hiring crisis including Chapter Three: Finding the Right Candidates. This chapter addresses the challenge of how to find great candidates and also shows how companies of all sizes can create durable pipelines of great candidates by developing and maintaining the right partnerships. Microsoft's plan to cut the cybersecurity workforce shortage in half through partnerships with community colleges is a leading edge strategy.

Can. Trust. Will.: Hiring for the Human Element in the New Age of Cybersecurity also includes insightful commentary from CIOs, CISOs, Talent Recruiters, Cybersecurity Professional Service Providers, Consultants, Private Sector Attorneys, Academics and U.S. Government Officials.

Today’s highlight is the contribution from Gail Gottehrer, Founder of Law Office of Gail Gottehrer LLC., Gail focuses on the legal and regulatory issues related to emerging technologies, particularly in the area of AI and autonomous vehicles. Gail’s contribution to Can. Trust. Will.: Hiring for the Human Element in the New Age of Cybersecurity centers around understanding the growing threats to information and the importance of changing how you approach problem-solving as your situation rapidly evolves.

One of the things Gail told us was: “You could have had a great plan for law firm cybersecurity, but unless you predicted the pandemic, you were probably not anticipating the way that most law firms’ lawyers are working now. If somebody had said a year ago that you're going to be communicating with a court through Zoom, you would have said they were crazy. But that's the world we live in now, and it's going to be for the foreseeable future. So, the critical skill is being able to say, “Yes, the plan I devised and put into effect in January was great for January, but the world now, since March, is completely different and changing by the day, so I need to adapt and create a new plan.” We agree!

Here’s a bit more about the Can. Trust. Will.® System.

Building a successful cybersecurity team is no longer optional. Cyberthreats evolve at a staggering pace, and effective cybersecurity operations depend on successful teams. Unfortunately, statistics continue to illustrate that employers are not finding the people they need. The Can. Trust. Will.® System guides the C-Suite, HR professionals and talent acquisition to build unbeatable cybersecurity teams through advanced hiring processes and focused on-boarding programs. Additionally, this book details how successful cybersecurity ecosystems are best built and sustained, with expert analysis from high- level government officials, Fortune 500 CSOs and CISOs, risk managers, and even a few techies. Those already in the field (and newbies) will glean invaluable knowledge about how to find their most effective position within a cybersecurity ecosystem. In a tech-driven environment, cybersecurity is fundamentally a human problem: and the first step is to hire for the human element.

Don’t miss out on Can. Trust. Will. Hiring for the Human Element in the New Age of Cybersecurity. Pre-order on Amazon today!

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